Ohio Public Service & Enforcement Award

The Ohio Governor’s Council on People with Disabilities (GCPD) is seeking applications for the Ohio Public Service and Enforcement Award.  This award is given out annually to organizations that have the strongest commitment to individuals who are distressed and challenged through education and enforcement. These organizations will demonstrate a successful record of promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities within their community.

The purpose of this award is to honor the organizations judged to have innovative and progressive methods of improving the quality of lives for Ohio residents with disabilities through emergency service, law enforcement and awareness programs. The organizations are considered a symbol of all who have significantly contributed to the safety and accessibity opportunities, and community inclusion for people with disabilities.

This award will be presented at the Governor’s Council Annual Awards Ceremony held on September 29, 2017.

The Criteria:

1.   All applicants for the Ohio Public Service and Enforcement Award must be located in Ohio.

2.   The applicant must have demonstrated outstanding achievements in improving accessibility for people with disabilities via education and enforcement.

3.   The applicant must be a state recognized law enforcement, emergency medical service, or firefighter’s agency. 

Submission Package:

1.   The application must include a short essay (maximum of 400 words) of the law enforcement agency, emergency medical service, or firefighter’s accomplishments. OPTIONAL: Supporting materials: videos, news clippings, annual reports, photos, and articles may be included. All supporting materials become the property of the Governor’s Council on People with Disabilities.) 

2.   Narratives are required to address the following:

·        What is the population of your city/campus/college/township?

·        What is the size of your force?

·        Briefly describe your policy toward crisis training in the handling of the challenged individual?

·        What types of programs and education have you provided the community?

·        How have you measured your success?

·        Briefly describe any practices, procedures, assignments and partnerships with other public service community organizations.

Send your completed package to:

Mail to:

Governor’s Council on People with Disabilities

ATTN: Shirley Marchi

400 E. Campus View Blvd., 3rd Floor

Columbus, OH 43235-4604

OR Fax to: 614-985-7906


OR E-mail to: shirley.marchi@ood.ohio.gov

Applications must be received by July 15, 2017.

Ohio Public Service and Enforcement Award