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Karla M Lortz Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship will be given to a student with a disability, who will be a freshman or sophomore in college during the fall semester. The student receiving the award must be an Ohio resident, have a disability, and be enrolled in a non-traditional field of study. Non-traditional studies include: accounting, business, engineering, finance, mathematics, science, and/or technology. The scholarship will be awarded during the Governor’s Council Annual Awards Ceremony scheduled for September, 2017.

Applications can be sent via FAX (614-985-7906) or mailed to

Governor’s Council on People with Disabilities
ATTN:  Shirley Marchi
400 East Campus View Blvd., 3rd Floor
Columbus, OH 43235
FAX: 614-985-7906
E-Mail: shirley.marchi@ood.ohio.gov

Applications must be received by July 15, 2017. 

Karla Lortz Scholarship Form